Saturday, 24 May 2014

Supermarine Spitfire Mk.22

This was a quick build done to try and break the modelling block I was going through over the last few months. My plan was for it to be done in a matter of a couple of weeks, but guess what, it took over a month to complete.

The kit was one of Hannants Xtrakit models from MPM tooling in 1/72nd scale. Nothing fancy about the kit, but a lack of location pins made it a little bit more fun to build. The Mk.22 was built straight out of the box and I chose to do the camouflage scheme instead of one of the all-over silver schemes in the options. on the painting side, the main paints used were from the Xtracrylix range of colours, as per the instructions. I also used some paints from the Revell, Tamiya and Mr Hobby ranges. Instead of airbrushing the camouflage scheme, I went back to old school and hand brushed the entire model only airbrushing the clear at the end. Doing this brought back some great memories building models as a kid before the days of owning airbrushes, fun times.

During the final assembly, I drilled out the exhaust openings to improve their look prior to painting them. But when I came to fitting them in place on the fuselage, I discovered one of them had gone missing, the dreaded carpet monster had struck again! So some Quickboost Mk.22 exhausts for the Airfix kit were purchased, painted and then glued in place before the dreaded monster got hold of these ones. 

So, here she is. Nothing fancy, just back to basic modelling I did as a teenager. Looking at her, I think it needs a little more weathering to finish it off, but not alot though.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

53 Chevrolet BelAir Custom WIP #4

Now, this has been a very long time coming, getting colour down  on the BelAir's bodyshell. This project must be over four years old now and I have decided that I would like to get it finished by the end of this year, along with the 36 Ford 5 window which has been going even longer than this one.

I finally chose the colour for the Chevy, this being Vauxhall's Prestige Blue off the shelf at Halfords. Both the body and chassis received a few coats straight out of the can, leaving a good even finish. The body has still got to have the clear done once the bonnet is finished getting the final coats of colour. Choosing the colour for this project has been a tedious task, with me topping and changing my mind everytime I looked at the model. But now, it is too late to change now and this is the colour I have settled for. 

More coming soon.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Opel Admiral Cabriolet SMMI Review Build WIP #3

Well, after a while away from this project, it was time to get back to work on it. The body shell has been painted in the blue and light grey colour scheme and over the last few days it has received a few coats of gloss clear. I gave it another coat tonight and will wait to see how it turns out tomorrow.  The bonnet halves still need to be painted yet, this will happen over the next few days.  Once I am happy with the finish on the body, the interior will be painted in the colours as par the instructions. 

The chassis is basically finished apart from some weathering once the body is fitted in place on it. The wheels still have to have the final coats of clear before the detail painting is done to the rear of them. I wired up the distributor with some plug leads by working out the firing order from a photo I found online, so I hope it is in the correct order. 

The next stage will be to spray the seats and folded soft top,  before starting on the detail painting, adding some Bare Metal Foil then final assembly. 

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Automodellismo 2014

A selection of photos taken today at the Automodellismo Show held at Hanslope just north of Milton Keynes. 

I apologize now for fellow club member Phil Shepherd and his attempts to get in all of the photos I took of the club stand!