Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Land Rover 7 Ambulance Finished

Well, another project finished within a few months of it starting. I am getting a bit of a habit completing a project soon after it has been started over the ladt year. 

The base was the final stage of this project to complete, and the end result was quite satisfying. Once I was happy with the flow of the terrain, I worked out where there was going to be areas of soil showing through and painted them. Next it was to cover the remaining areas with various grass scatter using PVA glue to stick it down. Some earth pigment was used on the exposed soil to match the dust on the Land Rover. 

To finish off the diorama, the figures were glued in place followed by the Land Rover on the lower area of ground. 

Taking into account the age of this kit, it built up very nice and without any problems. Even the decals were still okay with only a slight crack appearing on the largest one. Fair enough, the figures are not up to today's standard of tooling, but these could always be replaced by newer aftermarket ones. In all, I am pleased with the end result and wait to see the response at its first outing at a show. 

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